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Discover your core identity, passions, & calling

Develop your skills, roles, & ability to think powerfully 

Decide your purpose, change your future & your story

A life coach is not a mentor or a counselor, but someone who believes the answers you're looking for are already inside of you. A coach is skilled at listening deeply and asking powerful questions to empower you to explore the depths of your desires and dreams.  I am here to support you on the path to fulfilling your goals.

The Coaching Connection offers individual and group coaching, as well as heart ministry, that can give you the insight to break free, spread your wings, and soar.


I carry a passionate desire for authenticity and breakthrough, both for myself and others.  A life well-lived is one in which pain and disappointment refine us rather than define us! Lived within the kindness of our Creator, our unique design,

purpose, and calling emerge from these challenging moments,

 transforming us and enlarging our hearts and lives. 

I have discovered life coaching to be one of the most effective tools for change and personal transformation.


Debbie was born to be a life coach! With a heart to help people reach their full potential, she brings wisdom gained through her own life experiences, which includes pain, disappointment, and betrayal. So she listens with compassion and understanding.


My wife's soul is thriving and advancing at a pace I have never seen before and I am so grateful! Debbie's experience, training, and giftings, combined to encourage a trust that has allowed for deep insight and healing.


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